Stuffomatic is a French company composed of talented friends from Nantes, France. We joined together to develop entertaining games, starting with Plee the Bear, a great platform game adventure. The team is composed of the following members:

Julien Jorge is a developer with a long experience in C++, Java and ActionScript. PhD in computer science, he uses his competences in the development of games and combinatorial optimization software. Occasionally he does some graphics and musics too.

S├ębastien Angibaud is a developer with a long experience in C++. PhD in computer science, he is the best guy to understand the most complex things. He is also really good at stustaining a conversation in French.

Julien Lassalle is a creative freelance graphic designer. Now he uses his amazing skills to give the best appearance to the products of the company.

Florian Massuyeau is a exceptional musician. He uses his perfect pitch to compose the musics that best conveys the environment of our games.