After almost one year of hibernation, we decided to come back working on Plee the Bear. As you may know, we had to stop because we did not have enough spare time to spend on this project anymore. The project was too huge and we could not see its completion in a foreseeable future, so we went on a smaller game that we could finish in time: Andy's Super Great Park. As time went by, we thought we should refocus on Plee the Bear and free software, but it is clear that we must work on it in a different way.

We have written every aspect of the game in a single document and estimated the amount of time required for each one. The result is that the game can be done in approximately one year with our current team. I am pretty confident about this estimation, since we have already proven that we can estimate our time accurately with our other developments. So, how will we buy our food and pay our loans during the production?

In order to come back on the game without difficulties and not to stop again in a few weeks or months, we decided to launch a fundraising campaign to support the development. Our goal is to receive enough money to stop subsistence work and invest in gaming and free software.

The platform we have chosen is OpenFunding, which is a young crowdfunding website dedicated to free software. The target of the first call is 1112.79 € (approximately $1455) that will be spent to refresh the game toward more recent quality standards and prepare it for the upcoming work. Then we will propose new content for the game, each time with a new fundraising campaign. Please note that the content of the game is predefined and should receive only little modifications as we progress. Thus the donors will for sure obtain a complete game in a foreseeable future. Moreover, the game will be available under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 licence for the code and CC-by-sa 3 for the resources.

If you are hesitant, please note an important functionality of OpenFunding, which is that you will be able to audit the final product to confirm your donation or to take your money back if the work is not well done. Thus, your investment is relatively risk free.

All that being said, it is time to invite you: give some money, it is free!