In the evening of the 4th of September 2013, we have organized a Plee the Bear themed party at Café Le Briord, Nantes, France. What a good evening!

I came to the café with my laptop and two pads, plugged the latter and the beamer in the former, and launched the game. Wow! That's my game on the giant screen!

There was quite a lot of customers at the café. Some of them came for the game, in response to the various announcements published on the web and in the press, traveling from cities like Pornic (60 km. from Nantes) or Paris (385 km. from Nantes).

Then there was the customers who came to have a drink and who joyfully discovered the game, taking the pads and playing with their friends in the mini-games or the cooperative mode, or simply testing the main quest in solo.

Here are some pictures of people having fun with my game:

Customers discovering the mini-games

Another customer playing the main quest.

More people playing the mini-games

We will be back at Le Briord wednesday, 11th of September 2013, from 9 P.M. to 11 P.M. for a championship based on the mini-games. Join us!